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Freeola site usage yesterday

Yesterday, most people used Freeola Chat (half the traffic), while only 15% used the Walkthroughs section!

Chatter boxes aren’t we

<img src=",35,15&chs=370x100&chl=Chat%20(50%)|Cheats%20(35%)|Walkthroughs%20(15%)" alt="???">

Freeola Gaming Wins

Since the Gaming Awards started, the top six winners are shown below:

I’m the best, losers

<img src=",68,62,59,55,51&chs=300x200&chxl=0:|0 wins|25 wins|50 wins|75 wins|100 wins|1:|Rickoos|Reefer|Meka Dragon|spoonbeast|Aliboy|pb&chxt=x,y" alt="???">

Freeola usage over the last week

During the week Freeola is used more than the weekend, maybe because people use it from work?

Freeola like Fridays, hate Saturdays

<img src=",82,89,94,97,26,38&chs=400x150&chxl=0:|Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday|Saturday|Sunday|1:|0|20|40|60|80|100&chxt=x,y" alt="???">

Freeola service status

Similar to Freeola's current indicators, but Google get to pay for the bandwidth! What is wrong with the Web Servers?

Connections are connected to the connections and connecting It’ okay, spam can make it to your inbox Web servers are busted

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