Internet Explorer 8: Final three hyperlinks in the right hand mini-menu become unclickable

Links to the right aren’t all clickable

If you’re using Internet Explorer 8 BETA 2, you might notice and odd occurrence of the navigation list to the right of this paragraph.

For an unknown reason, the bottom links are affected by the presence of this paragraph of text. The bottom two links aren’t clickable, and the bottom third link is only clickable at the very top of the link. This only happens if this paragraph of text is long enough to need to be wrapped around the bottom of the navigation list to the right.

It looks like IE8 is creating an invisible block over the area the paragraph takes up, as the border area matches that of the links that suddenly become unclickable (Image sample).

This only happens in standards mode, compatibility mode doesn’t contain this bug.

  1. ie8-links-unclickable-1.htm
  2. ie8-links-unclickable-2.htm
  3. ie8-links-unclickable-3.htm