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If you get into an Ambulance, you can start the Paramedic Mission.
This mission requires you to go and pick up people around Vice City who need medical assistance, and take them back to Hospital. You can find an Ambulance parked at each Hospital, or if you run someone over, wait for the Ambulance to come to aid them.

Ambulance. People who need picking up will appear as yellow blips on the map. Go to each person's location, and park up beside them. They will get into the Ambulance on their own. Be careful not to run them over, as this will automatically end your mission.

You will have 12 sets of people to save; each set of people saved will take you up one level, and it is up to level 12 that you need to complete to pass. For each set of people, the number of injured that need to be picked up will increase and the distance they are apart from one another may also increase.

You will find the Ambulance more difficult to control compared to a normal car, as it will shake from left to right if you turn to often. If you overturn and destroy the Ambulance, or get out at any time, you'll fail the mission. You should also take note that you can only carry three people at any one time. Once you've got a full load, you will have to take the three injured people back to the hospital before you can pick up the rest.

When you complete this mission, you will be given the ability to run without ever getting tired.