Store Robberies

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There are 15 stores throughout Vice City, which are easy pickings if you want a little extra cash. All you have to do is walk in, point your gun, take the money and walk out.

When you enter a store which can be robbed, all you have to do is find the sales assistant and take aim at him. He'll stick his hands up in the
air, and start to give you money from the till.

After the first lot of money, for every bundle
of cash he puts on the counter thereafter, your
wanted level will raise by one star.

When you have enough money on the counter,
or you don't want to gain a wanted level, just
shoot the assistant. If you just let go of your
aim on him, he'll hit the alarm, causing an
instant wanted level of two.

A robbery will only count officially if you gain at least one bundle of cash from it. Running in, pointing a gun and quickly running out won't work.

The 15 robberies count towards you 100% completion of the game. Example of how to rob a store