Unique Stunt Jumps
in Vice City

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Vice City includes some special jumps, which can earn you extra money as a reward for completing them. The Unique Jumps also count towards your 100% completion of the game.

Unique Jumps are performed using a car or bike to jump into the air via a ramp of some type or another. The ramps are be made up of concrete blocks, steps, wooden pallets, and such like.

To perform a Unique Jump, you simply have to use one of the special ramps in the game, and hit each one with as much speed as possible.

When doing a Unique Jump using a bike, ensure you use the up and down buttons on your controller to balance your landing.

Unique Stunt Jumps in Vice City

There are 36 Unique Jumps located in various areas of Vice City. To find them, simply use the 'Left' and 'Right' links above to display the two maps, and click the marked areas for an image of the ramp.