Body Armour & Health
Hearts in Vice City

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Of course, in Vice City, you're going to get hurt, and hurt badly at times.

You have two types of life gauge. Firstly Health, and a secondary Armour protection. These life gauges are replenishable via collectable Health and Armour icons, which are located in various point in Vice City.

The Maps show locations of both Health and Armour locations. Health being shown with a Red circle, and Armour being shown with a blue marker.

Health and Armour markers

Not all Health and Armour icons may be in these locations at the start of the game, and only appear after you've completed certain missions.

Although not as effective as a Health Icon, if you get into an Ambulance, you'll find your Health will rise slightly. Also, at times, you can increase your Health by buying something to eat from any food place in the North Point Mall. You can