Vice City Main

Property Missions
The Main story missions of Vice City.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is set out just like past GTA games,
in that you have to take on the task of completing missions
throughout the game to get ahead.

The only difference in Vice City is that Tommy Vercetti doesn't just carry out jobs for others. He's working his way up the crime ladder to make a name for himself and to do things for himself, rather than for others.

However, he has to start somewhere, so while on the hunt for the people responsible for stealing Sonny's money and causing him all the grief, he takes on some work in exchange for money and information.

Each missions you are given has to be completed to the orders of the person you are currently accepting the job from. If you get it wrong, you fail, and have to try again.

A list of all the missions you are required to do in Vice City, is displayed in the top right of this page.

Each mission listing will contain the requirements of the job, as well as any hints that will aid you in the completion.

It is recommended that you save your game file after each mission you complete, so if you fail the next one, you are able to start again from that same mission, rather than further back.

Good luck, and enjoy the game.