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Cone Crazy is a small task, which requires you to pass through
5 checkpoints scattered around on top of the car park. Each of the checkpoints are surrounded by traffic cones, and you have to ensure you do not knock a single cone, or you will fail the mission.

Location of the Cones car challenge The mission is located on top of the car park in Ocean beach, which is located behind your hotel. The car you need to get in to is the Stallion, which is to the north of the carpark, on the top floor.

The timer will not start until you've hit the first checkpoint.

Once you’ve gone thought the first checkpoint and started the timer, you will have 12 seconds to get to the next checkpoint. Each checkpoint you get will give you an additional 12 seconds on the time.

You can go for any checkpoint to start with, and hit the remaining checkpoints in any order you like.