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As a fireman, you will have to go about Vice City and put out
any fire you come across. Simply find a Fire engine (there is
usually one at the Fire Station in Downtown) get in, then activate the mission.

Fire Engine. The hose will be positioned on top of the fire truck. You will need to park close to the fire, but not too close as that will cause the water to overshoot the fire. You can adjust the firing range of the hose through 360°.

Each fire's location will show up as a yellow blip on the map. Simply drive the fire truck to its location, aim the hose and put out the blaze.

You will find using the fire trucks sirens will help you get to the fires quicker, as the surrounding vehicles will move to the side of the road to let you drive past with ease. But not that some vehicles (police cars especially) will either ignore or just not notice you, so keep an eye out.

For each level you complete, the following fire will be harder to fight. In most cases, once you have put out the car fire, the people inside it will jump out, still alight, and run in all sorts of directions. Make sure you put them all out before the burn to death. Make sure you don’t run any of them over.

Once you've completed level 12 of this mission, you will be rewarded with becoming fireproof. No longer will you suffer the inconvenience of setting yourself on fire.