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PCJ Playground
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The PCJ Playground mission requires you to use the PCJ bike to
pass through a series of checkpoints before the time runs out.

There are 24 checkpoints located within Washington and Ocean
Beach, and you will have just 2 minutes (120 seconds) to pass
through all of them.

Location of the PCJ Playground challenge The mission is located south of Vice Point, just before you hit Washington Beach. The bike you need to get on is the PCJ 600, which is on the grass beside the building.

The timer will not start until you've passed through your first checkpoint. You do not have to get the checkpoints in any particular order, but you will find it best to get them in the order that the come, starting with the two on top of the buildings by the road. Don't forget to use the ramps to your advantage. You'll need them to get to the higer up checkpoints.

Unless you are a really accurate rider, if you get knocked off of your bike during the challenge, you may want to restart, as the chances of you being able to catch up after a fall are small.