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If you take a look around the back of the Pizzeria in Vice
Point, you should find a delivery boy’s bike. If you hop on,
you can start your new job as the Vice City pizza delivery boy.

Pizza Delivery Boy Bike. For this, you will have to make your way to the awaiting customers scattered about the city, who are waiting for the hot pizza to be brought to them. It'll always be one pizza per customer.

You’ll be given 6 pizza’s, and need to ride the bike to each customer, who will appear as a yellow blip on your map. When you get to a customers location, drive up close to them, but not to close. Use your left and right views and throw the pizza to the customer, who will try and catch it.

If the customer missed the pizza, you’ll need to throw them another one. If you run out of pizzas, and still have customers to deliver too, you can just go back to the pizzeria and pick up more.

As you move up through the mission, you will have more and more people to deliver to, so will run out of pizza and have to return to get more. To make things easier, try and deliver the pizza to the people furthest away, and who are not grouped with other customers.

Once you’ve completed level 12 of this mission, you will be rewarded with an additional 50 points added to your Health total. So your maximum Health will now be 150.