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The RC Bandit mission is located to the North of the beach, up in
Vice Point. The Van will be parked up beside the sand racetrack.
To start the mission, get into the van.

The mission will involve you competing in a race with three other RC
cars. The race lasts for two laps, during which you will have to pass through each of the checkpoints positioned on the track.

You'll be controlling the green remote controlled car.

If at any time you wish to quit the race, press the ’circle’ button, which will self-destruct your car. Be careful not to do this accidentally, as it
will signal the end of the mission.

You have to come 1st in the race. You'll
be awarded $100 when you do so.

Once complete you will find yourself still in
the RC Van, where you are free to either
get out or drive away.

Location of the RC mission.