Extra Side Missions
in Vice City

Taxi Mission
Ambulance Mission
Police Mission
Fireman Mission
Pizza Delivery Mission

Arena Missions
Cone Crazy
PCJ Playground
What Else

A couple of other things to take note of
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Good Citizen

If you see a cop chasing someone on foot, punch the person he is
chasing to receive a $50 good citizen reward. Make sure you do not
shoot the person, as this will turn the cops attention on to you.

Bus Driver

If you take a Bus, you can pick people up from bus stops, and take
their bus fare for yourself.

Beach Balls

If you see a beach ball, either in someone’s pool or on the beach, run into it to start keep-ups. Keep the ball in the air by either shooting it or standing under it when it comes down, so it hits you and goes back into the air.

Shoot the seagulls

If you spot any seagulls, shoot them.

People’s Money

If you kill someone, and they drop any money, you are free to pick it up and keep it for yourself.

Stoppie Bonus

You can perform a stoppie bonus on a bike by speeding ahead, then braking hard and leading forward, so that you skid on your front tyre. hold this position for as long as you can for a better bonus.