Juju Scramble Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Auntie PouletAuntie Poulet,
Tea House Proprietor,
Little Haiti, Vice City

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Auntie Poulet is worried that the cops are closing in on her stashes, you
need to go and collect them before the cops do (you have a time limit).

The first briefcase is on the roof of a building, which is just outside of the
junkyard. Use the slop to the right to get to the roof, and pick up the
briefcase. When the cop jumps up, make a run for it, and go for the next.

Make your way to the next briefcase, which will be on the ground, on the corner of the road. Collect it, and head for the third as quickly as you can. It'll be hidden of road, in a little boxed off area.

Once you have all three briefcases, head back to Auntie Poulet's to return them to her.

The cops will be very heavy on you for this mission, so be careful to note the damage to you vehicle (if you use one) as with the firepower the police will use, your car could blow up at any time. If you can, collect the police bribe , which is between the buildings, up from the second briefcase.