Bombs Away Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Auntie PouletAuntie Poulet,
Tea House Proprietor,
Little Haiti, Vice City

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After the clip, head for the van which is parked beside the water. When
you get to it, get in, to activate the Remote Control planes.

You have to use the planes to fly over to the Cuban's, kill them and
destroy their three boats.

You will be given three chances to do this mission with three planes. So if your first attempt results in your plane crashing or being shot down, you'll have another chance.

Each plane is equipped with bombs, which you can drop on your target. You'll have four targets in total, three speedboats and one car. As soon as you make your first attack, the boats and car will attempt to escape, so make your first bomb fire count. All the gang members you have to kill will either be in the car or one of the boats.

You can also use your plane as a bomb, by simply flying into one of your targets. Just remember, you have three planes and four targets, so don't go wasting to many planes.