Dirty Lickin’s Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Auntie PouletAuntie Poulet,
Tea House Proprietor,
Little Haiti, Vice City

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After the clip, head over the road and up the stairs to the top of the
building. When you get to the pink marker, arm yourself with the Sniper

You have to ensure all of the Cubans are killed. If all the Haitians die,
then they loose the gang war, and so you fail your mission.

Use the gun to take out any Cubans you see. More Cubans will arrive in a van, so try and take them out just as they get out, as it'll be easier than when they start fighting.

More Cubans will turn up with weapons. Take these out as quickly as you can, before all the Haitians are killed.

You can make this mission a whole lot easier if you have a Rocket Launcher. When the extra Cubans arrive in their van, simply blow it up with the Rocket Launcher. When the extra gang members arrive on foot, send a rocket in their direction and take out a load of them all at once.