Four Iron Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Avery CarringtonAvery Carrington, Businessman,
Vice Point, Vice City

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After watching the clip, make your way to "Jacksports" in Vice Point for
a change of clothes (look for the 'shirt' blip on the map).

Once you are changed, make your way to the "Leaf Links" golf course
and enter though the front entrance. You won't be able to take your guns
with you, so they will be left out front when you pass through. You can
pick them up when your done.

When inside, make your way to your target, who will be out by the driving range. Either run, or if one is available, use a golf buggy. When you get into a buggy, you'll be given a golf club which you can use to beat the target to death (a golf club is also located to your right when you enter).

When you get to your target, simply attack and kill him. His bodyguards will try and stop you, but the won't be hard to beat, as they don't have weapons either. You may need to chase your target, who will try and get away in a buggy.

If he does manage to get to a buggy, you can get in one yourself and chase him. You will find it easier to try and knock his buggy over, or pull up infront of him and prevent him from escaping. Then, just pull him out of his buggy and kill him.

You could also try and ram his buggy down the embankment and into the water.