Demolition Man Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Avery CarringtonAvery Carrington, Businessman,
Vice Point, Vice City

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After watching the clip, head down the road to where the van is located,
which is just opposite of the building side.

Getting into the van will activate the controls to the micro-helicopter,
which is what you'll be using to complete this mission.

You have to use the helicopter to transport four bombs from your location into pre-designated locations of the construction building opposite. Hover over the bombs to pick on up, then fly into the building, and locate any one of the locations highlighted for the bombs to be placed.

There are four bombs and four locations. Any one bomb can go in any one location, all you have to do is fly the bomb over to the podium, and place it on top.

You have seven minutes to do this mission, which goes pretty quickly, so don't hang about.

You should also watch out for the workers and security guards, as they will try and destroy your helicopter. It is just like any other vehicle in Vice City, and can only take so much damage before blowing up.

Once you have placed all four bombs in position, the building will explode.