Two Bit Hit Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Avery CarringtonAvery Carrington, Businessman,
Vice Point, Vice City

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[ Four Iron | Demolition Man | Two Bit Hit ]

After the clip, make your way to "Little Havana", and change into some
'Cuban' style clothes. The clothes shop will show up as a 'shirt' blip.

After you've changed, make your way up to the funeral parluor, and look
for the gang lord. Ensure that you get close to him, so the other gang
members spot you, before you do anything else.

Once you've been spotted, and passed off as a Cuban, kill the gang lord. If you don't get him while he's outside, he'll jump into the hearse and try to escape. Either block the vehicle from getting away, or blow it up. Either way, ensure you kill the gang lord.

When he is dead, make your escape. Get out of "Little Haiti" before the gang get to you.