Treacherous Swine

Property Missions

Photo of Colonel CortezColonel Cortez, Colonel (retired),
Washington Beach Pier (Pier 2),
Vice City

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Take the chainsaw to "Gonzalez" apartment and use it to kill him.

When you arrive at his location, enter the apartment by walking into the
pink marker. Watch the clip that plays, then go after him with your

Once you've killed Gonzalez, go to the pink marker to return to the street outside the apartment. You'll have the police after you, so you have to avoid capture before completing the missions. There are two ways of doing this.

You can take your vehicle to the nearest "Paint 'n' Spray" and have your car colour changed.

The other way is, once you've left the apartment, turn left and head for the grassy area, where a police bribe is located. Collect this, which will remove one police star. Then, just run around and hide from the cops, until they give up their search, or run across the bridge and collect another police bribe.