Guardian Angels

Property Missions

Photo of Colonel CortezColonel Cortez, Colonel (retired),
Washington Beach Pier (Pier 2),
Vice City

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Make your way to the multi-story car park, where your weapon will be
waiting. It will show up as a yellow blip on the map, and be located on
the first floor, to the right when you go though the front entrance.

When you collect the weapon, Lance will make an appearance. Watch the
clip, and then get in his car. Making sure Lance is in the car before you go, make your way up to where Diaz is waiting, down the ally (shown by a pink blip). Park the car in the pink marker, and watch the clip.

Make your way up the stairs to position yourself ready for the job in hand. Arm yourself with the weapon you acquired moments ago, and wait for the action to begin. You are required to protect Diaz while the deal goes down ... but you should watch out for Lance as well.

When the gang arrive, wait for them to begin their attack. When they do, open fire on them and take them out. You have to ensure the gang do not get to Diaz or Lance when they attack. Watch out for the extra gang members who turn up for some of the action.

When all the gang members are dead, two others will steal Diaz's case. After killing one guy, use his bike to chase after the other guy with the briefcase, shoot him down and kill him. Pick up the case, and return it to Diaz, who will be waiting in his car.