Sir, Yes Sir! Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Colonel CortezColonel Cortez, Colonel (retired),
Washington Beach Pier (Pier 2),
Vice City

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You should ensure you have maximum health and amour before trying to
attempt this job, as well as some powerful weapons.

There is a tank on the other island, which Cortez wants. It is being
escorted by armed guards, some on foot and some in big army trucks.

You will fine this a lot easier if you have a rocket launcher, which you should use to blow up the army trucks full of soldiers, allowing you easier access the to tank. Next, take out any soldiers on foot, which you can do with a less powerful weapon, but is a lot quicker with a larger weapon.

You could also go and have your car fitted with a bomb at 8-ball's, using that to your advantage.

You have to scare the tank driver out of the vehicle before you can steal it. Simply do this by shooting at his buddy on the top, and killing him, as well as taking a few shots at the tank. When the army guy runs, get into the tank, and start driving.

Make your way to the garage where Cortez wants the tank stored. You will only have a little amount of time, as the self-destruct mode will activate when the tank is in the wrong hands.

When you get to the garage, just park the tank inside, where the pink marker is, and get out.