All Hands On Deck

Property Missions

Photo of Colonel CortezColonel Cortez, Colonel (retired),
Washington Beach Pier (Pier 2),
Vice City

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Cortez wants to get out of Vice City, but there will be people trying to
stop him from doing so. You have to assist Cortez in escaping unharmed.

First off, you have to take care of the guys on the speedboats coming
after Cortez. These can be easily disposed of by blowing up their boats,
rather than aiming for each individual and killing them off one by one.

Once they are taken care of, you'll be blocked off from leaving the City by some boats over the exit. Use your most powerful weapon to destroy each of the boats, as quickly as you can before more gunmen try and board the ship

Soon you'll have more people trying to stop you, a couple will circle the ship taking shots, while some will attempt to board. Kill them as quickly as you can, because after a short time you'll have to deal with three helicopters. Two of which will drop people onto the ship, and one other which will have greater firepower.

If you run out of weapons, there is another on the ships deck, as well as some health. Use the health only when you are on very little life, don't waste it. When the helicopters start flying over just shoot at them as best you can, and try blowing them up before they drop anyone on board.