The Chase Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Ricardo DiazRicardo Diaz, Drug Baron,
Starfish Island, Vice City

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After the clip, make your way to where the thief is located (pink blip) to
find out where he is hiding Diaz's money.

When you get there, walk up the stairs, and look through his window, to
see if the money is in his apartment.

When he appears, and see's you, he'll try and escape over the rooftops of the building. Chase him and try to keep up, but do not fire at him or attempt to kill him, just follow him.

Follow him over the rooftops, while watching out for any gaps, which you may fall down. He'll also turn around and fire at you, causing some barrels to explode. Just weave through the flames, and follow until he gets to the ground.

His mate will be waiting in a vehicle to take him to the hideout. Grab yourself a vehicle (preferably a car for added protection) and follow him to where he is going. Do not try and run him of the road or blow up his car, just follow a little way behind him, until he reaches his hideout.

He will fire at you when you follow, which is why a bike may not be the best vehicle to use as you will be easily wounded.