Phnom Penh '86 Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Ricardo DiazRicardo Diaz, Drug Baron,
Starfish Island, Vice City

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Watch the clip. You'll be taken to a house in a helicopter, piloted by
Lance. The house will be filled of gang members which you have to kill.

You'll be equipped with a weapon for this missions. When you come up
to the house, simply kill any and every gang member you see. You must
do this quickly, as they will fire back at you, causing damage to your helicopter. Also, take note of the barrels in some places, which can be used to your advantage when shot at.

Each area of the house will have gang members waiting, and each time you kill every gang member at each stage, you'll move onto the next. When you've completed each stage, Lance will set you down outside the front of the house, where the money you are searching for is waiting on the roof.

Make your way into the building, and up the stairs to the roof, to collect the money (yellow blip). Watch out for any gang members waiting inside for you. Ensure you kill them before trying to get to the money.

As soon as you have collected the briefcase, Lance will come and pick you up.