The Fastest Boat

Property Missions

Photo of Ricardo DiazRicardo Diaz, Drug Baron,
Starfish Island, Vice City

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After the clip, make your way down South to the boat yard.

When you get there, arm yourself with a weapon, and get ready to kill
any gang member you see. They will have powerful weapons, so don't
hang about, otherwise they will finish you off.

You will need to lower the boat into the sea before you can take it, so enter the boat shelter, and flip the switch to drop the boat. When you do this, more gang members will appear. You will find it best to stay in the shelter and let them run to you, killing one after the other.

Make your way outside, and down to the boat. Get in, and speed off up North, back to Diaz's mansion, where you'll need to park the boat by the platform (pink marker).

Watch out for the cops when you steal the boat, as they will be chasing you. They will be in police boats, but if you just keep speeding up towards Diaz's place, you'll easily avoid capture.