Supply & Demand

Property Missions

Photo of Ricardo DiazRicardo Diaz, Drug Baron,
Starfish Island, Vice City

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[ Supply & Demand ]

Head for the platform at the back of Diaz's, where the boat is waiting.
After the clip, make your way towards the boat with the goods
(yellow blip).

You will be racing against 2 other boats, and you must ensure that you
get to the boat before the other two do. If you don't, you fail the mission instantly.

Once you beat the others to the boat, Lance will take over as driver, and you'll be equipped with a weapon to keep the angry losers from stealing your goods.

Lance will head back to Diaz's, but you must keep yourself and Lance safe. Firstly, you have to take care of the two speedboats that lost to you. Your best bet would be to aim for the single gunman on each boat.

Next, you'll have people on the platform to your right to deal with. There is a barrel on there though, which you should aim for. You'll then be confronted by a helicopter, which will have one gunman on board. Simply take him out, or shoot down the helicopter.

Finally, there is one last boat to deal with, and again, just take out the gunman and let Lance get you back to Diaz's.