The Party Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Ken RosenburgKen Rosenburg, Lawyer,
Washington Beach, Vice City

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First, you need to change clothes. You need to head for "Rafael's" to get

His place is marked off as a 'shirt' blip on the map. Make your way there,
and walk into the pink marker to be dressed up in your new attire.

You'll be shown a clip of someone parking their bike, indicating that you should take it. This is not needed, and if you prefer, you can use your car to continue.

Drive down to "Colonel's" boat by the pier, marked down as a pink blip on the map, and walk into the pink marker.

Watch the short clip.

Take Colonels daughter, Mercedes, to the "Pole Position" strip club, shown as the pink blip. Simply get into your vehicle, and wait for her to follow.

Once she is in, drive her to her location, and park in the pink marker to let her out.

Completing this missing will unlock two new outfits. One outside Rafael's, and one in your Hotel room.