Back Alley Brawl

Property Missions

Photo of Ken RosenburgKen Rosenburg, Lawyer,
Washington Beach, Vice City

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After watching the clip, make your way to the "Malibu Club" to see Kent.
He'll be waiting inside the club, so just go inside to watch the clip.

Go and find the chef, who is shown as the yellow blip on the map. He'll
be down the back ally somewhere, so you may find it easier to use a bike
to get to his location

When you find him, attack and kill him, and don't forget to take his mobile phone. This will allow you to receive calls later on in the game. Whenever you hear the phone ring, press the 'L1' button to answer it

Now, you'll meet Lance. He'll chat for a bit, then give you a gun. Run away from (or kill) the other chefs who appear, and head for Lance's car, which is waiting for you around the side (yellow blip). Get into the car, and drive down to "Ammu-nation", which is the local gun store chain in Vice City (there are 3 stores in total).

When you get there, you can enter the store if you wish, to buy some guns & Amour or to just have a look around.

When your ready, head back to the Hotel you are staying at.