Jury Fury Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Ken RosenburgKen Rosenburg, Lawyer,
Washington Beach, Vice City

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After you watch the clip, take the hammer from outside and make your
way to the two Jury people. You can go to whichever one you prefer
first. Both show up as yellow blips on the map.

For one member of the Jury, you simply have to smash up his car using
the hammer until he runs scared.

For the other, first you have to hit him (but do not kill him). He'll be talking to a girl beside his car.

Once you've scared him, he'll run to his car and drive away, but hit a passing van. When he does this, run over to him and start smashing his car up with the hammer, until he gets out running scared.

For both jobs, you'll need to move around the car and smash up different sections of it, in order for the Jury to take you seriously.