Roit Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Ken RosenburgKen Rosenburg, Lawyer,
Washington Beach, Vice City

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After watching the clip, make your way back to "Rafael's" to get into the
correct clothing for this mission. His place is shown as the 'Shirt' blip on
the map.

Once you have changed, make your way to the "Spand Express depot",
get out of your vehicle, and start fighting with the angry workmen.

Simply go up to 4 different people, and punch/kick them, which will count as you starting a fight. Once you have done this, the guards will come out, leaving the gates to the company open. Enter through the gates, and you'll see three vans. You have to destroy the vans.

To destroy the two vans parked next to each other, you can use a gun to shoot at the red barrel to the left. When you shoot it, it will explode and destroy the two vans, so stand back.

For the third and final van, you can either use a hammer to smash the engine up until it catches alight, or use one of your weapons to blow it up.