Love Juice Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Jezz Love FistLove Fist, Hair Metal Band,
Downtown, Vice City

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After meeting the band, head out to the location where the drug dealer
will be waiting for you. Take a fast vehicle with you, as you'll need it.

When you arrive, park in the pink marker, facing the main road, and
sound your horn. When the dealer comes down to see you, he'll take
your money, without giving you the drugs, and run.

Chase after him, and kill him. Take the drugs which he drops. Kent will then give you a call asking for some action for Love Fist. Make your way over to Mercedes place to pick her up. She lives on the fist island, near the "Leaf Links" golf course.

Once you've picked up Mercedes, you'll have one and a half minutes to get her, and the Love Juice back to Love Fist, so don't waste any time. Head back to the bands recording studio, to drop of Mercedes and the drugs.