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Photo of Jezz Love FistLove Fist, Hair Metal Band,
Downtown, Vice City

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After the clip, you'll be in the car. You have to drive around Vice City,
keeping your speed high, as so not to detonate the bomb

The best way to do this is to make a U-turn from outside of the recording
studio, and go right, towards Ammu-nation. When you get to the store,
make a hard right turn, and go down the road, which leads to the main
road down the side of the second main island. Keep driving all the way down the road, until you reach the docks area. Rather than continue, just before you go past the barriers, make a U-turn, and start driving back up the main road, towards where you've just come from.

To give you the maximum amount of time, when going down the main road, don't just hold down the accelerator. Instead, just hold it down for half seconds at a time, and let go. This will mean you don't run out of road to quickly yet are able to keep the detonator from going off.

When doing the U-turn at the bottom of the main road, by the docks, you will have to hold down the accelerator, rather than tap it, until the detonator meter goes back to normal.

When the band does finally defuse the bomb, take them to their venue, which was just down the road from the recording studio you started at.