Alloy Wheels Of Steel

Property Missions

Photo of Mitch BakerMitch Baker, Biker Gang Leader,
Downtown, Vice City

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After the clip, you'll need to find a bike. Either an 'Angel' or a 'Freeway'.
You can find an Angel bike outside the bar you've just left.

When you are on your bike, get to the starting grid, and park in the pink
marker. Wait for the race to start, then rev up your engine and get moving.

You have to pass though each checkpoint in the order that they come. You don't have a set time limit, but you do have to come first in the race. The course is around the top left section of Vice City.

Try to concentrate more on staying on your bike rather than going as fast as you can. The others will make mistakes and crash a couple of times each. If you fall off, you'll lose vital seconds, so don't take the corners to fast.