Messing With The Man

Property Missions

Photo of Mitch BakerMitch Baker, Biker Gang Leader,
Downtown, Vice City

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After the clip, get on to an Angel bike.

All you have to do is cause as much damage and mayhem as you can
within the time limit. Just go around shooting and anything and anyone.

You have to cause enough damage to fill the meter, so don't hold back.
It'll be easier to fill when you have cops coming after you, because you can shoot at their vehicles and kill them as the come. Continue the killing until you've filled the meter, and passed the mission. You don't have to remain on the bike to complete this mission, you can get off at any time.

When you complete the mission, however, your wanted level will not disappear like normal. You will still have to avoid the police. Either find as many police bribes as you can, or take a vehicle and visit the closest Paint 'n' Spray.