Hog Tied Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Mitch BakerMitch Baker, Biker Gang Leader,
Downtown, Vice City

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After the clip, grab a vehicle, and head over to Ammu-nation. Mitch's
bike is being kept behind it, enclosed from entry. You'll have to get to it
by jumping onto the roof, and using the stairs to go down.

Across the road from Ammu-nation, you'll see a building with a staircase
beside it (where the 20th Rampage is located). Using a fast vehicle,
you'll need use the stairs as a jump to get onto the roof of Ammu-nation. Drive a little way down the road to get your speed up, and head for the stairs, as fast as you can, and jump over to the roof. This will count as the 22nd Unique Stunt Jump.

When you get onto the roof, kill the gang members, and make your way down the stairs. When you get to the ground, go right and look for Mitch's bike. Kill any gang members in your way. More and more gang members will appear, so be quick. Get onto Mitch's bike, and head for were you just came from.

Where you came down the stairs, go forward from there, and look right. You should see some small steps. Use these steps to escape, just ride the bike up them, and jump over the wall. When you're on the road again, head back to Mitch, to return his bike.

Watch out for more gang members in their vans who'll be chasing you while you try and get back to Mitch. They will run you down if they get the chance.