Autocide Mission

Property Missions
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[ Road Kill | Waste The Wife | Autocide ]
[ Check Out At The Check In | Loose Ends ]

You have six people which you are required to kill. You'll also have a time
limit in which you have to complete the task in hand. If you need them,
some extra weapons are located down the road (light blue blip).

The first person you have to kill is working on a billboard, high above the
road. You can easily pick him off using the Sniper rifle, which you just picked up.

The next guy is working for DBP Security, so make your way to his location, and watch out for him trying to escape in his company van. Either run him off the road, or use the left/right view from your vehicle to shoot at him as you drive, until his van explodes.

The third and forth person you need to take out are up in Vice Point, outside the Jewellery shop. When they stop you, one will get in his car and drive away, where as the other will just shoot. Kill the first guy, before chasing the other in his car and killing him.

The next guy is lounging around on his boat. Simply go to his location, and use the Sniper rifle to kill him. If you find it easier, and have the weapons for it, you can just as easily destroy his boat.

Finally, the last guy is on his bike, and will be easy to kill. Just chase him and run him down. If he doesn't die instantly, just run him over again, or jump out of your car and gun him down.