Check Out At The
Check In Mission

Property Missions
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[ Road Kill | Waste The Wife | Autocide ]
[ Check Out At The Check In | Loose Ends ]

To get this job, you will have you enter the terminal at the airport, as the
payphone is inside. When you walk into the terminal, through the security
gates, any weapons you have on you will be left outside, as you or not
allowed to carry any weapons with you inside the terminal.

When you get inside, and answer the phone. You'll be shown whom you have to follow to complete the mission.

Get the weapon waiting for you close by, and make your way to about the centre of the terminal, so you can see the girl you have to keep an eye on, and yet remain unseen.

Using the gun's aiming device, zoom in on the woman, and follow her (don't shoot) to where she goes. When she stops by the man and has finished talking to him, kill the man, and go and steal his briefcase (do not kill the woman).

Once you have possession of it, make your way out of the terminal, collect any weapons you were stripped of earlier, and head for Ammu-nation, where you have to drop of the briefcase.