Loose Ends Mission

Property Missions
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[ Road Kill | Waste The Wife | Autocide ]
[ Check Out At The Check In | Loose Ends ]

Answer the phone, and after the clip, go to your left, and enter through
the back gates of the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory.

You need to make your way up to the roof of the factory, in order to steal
the briefcase.

The deal will be heavily guarded. Kill every gunman you see as you enter. If you have a Sniper, use this to keep your distance and take out the gunmen. There is an Armour pack and health nearby, if you need it.

When you get to the roof, be careful when running to the briefcase, as behind the two ramps will be gang members hiding. If you have them, through a granade or two in their direction. Run around the ramps and kill any gang members still alive. Take the briefcase, get into the helicopter, and fly over to Escobar International Airport. Land on the helipad and drop off the briefcase.