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You need to get to the junkyard as quickly as possible, because Lance is
becoming weaker and weaker all the time.

Get the fastest vehicle you can and head for his location. You'll find it
best to go north, and take the third bridge to the second island, the one
by the "Leaf Links" golf course.

When you get to the junkyard, watch out for all the gunmen protecting it. You should kill every gang member you see, to make your escape that little bit easier. Make your way towards Lance, killing everyone in your path. When you reach him, stand beside him to get him up.

Make sure he follows you out of the building. If your car is damaged, don't worry, there is another car parked beside the shelter Lance was kept in. Get in, make sure Lance does to, and head for the hospital up North (pink blip).

It won't be that easy though, as other gang members sent by Diaz will be heading for you, so take your time. When you leave the junkyard, take a right turn and go over the red bridge. Turn left, and get back onto the road, and head for the hospital. It'll make it a little hard for the gang members to catch up with you. When you get there, drop Lance outside, so he can go in and get checked out.