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You and Lance have to go and find Diaz, and kill him. He'll be hiding up
in his office somewhere.

Head for the front entrance, killing any gang members you see on the
way, picking up their weapons as you go. When you get to the front
door, you'll be informed it is locked, and told to find another means of entry.

Lance will know where to go, so go to the right of the house and make your way around to the back entrance. Ensure you kill any gang members on the way, because if the kill Lance, you fail the mission.

There is a doorway to the right of the undercover pool, which you can use to gain entry into the building. When you do, look in the little area in front of the stairs, and some weapons and health will be available to you.

Make your way up the stairs, to the first or second level, then go through the corridor to the main hall. Kill any gang members, and look out for Diaz.

He'll first fire at you in the main hall, then run for cover in his office once you fire back. Follow him in, and shoot at him until he collapses.