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After the clip, go and get in the car wait for you outside of your new
property. Make your way over to the first island, and continue north, up
the road, until you get to the 'North Point Mall'.

When you get there, get out of your vehicle and enter the mall though
whichever entrance you prefer. When inside, make your way towards any shop window which needs to be smashed. Each window shows up as a pink blip. There are windows on both the lower and upper levels of the mall.

You have a time limit of five minutes to smash all the windows in the mall. Don't forget to watch out for the police and security guards, as they won't take to kindly to your actions. When you get as high as two wanted stars, head for the 'gash' store, where a change of clothes is available to you.

When every window in the mall is smashed, you'd have scared the store owners enough to take you on as protection, and you'll start making money from them. Also, you'll now be able to purchase business property in Vice City, which will allow you to make more money over time.