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After the clip, take your two gang members with you, and get in the car
parked outside your mansion. When you are all in, make your way to the
'Front Page' bar, located in Ocean Beach.

When you arrive, kill the two security guards standing out front, and go
and have a chat with the manager of the place. After he gives you the information, head for the 'DBP Security' place, north of where you are. They will be alerted of your imminent visit, and so will be packing up their things to get out of there. You'll only have so much time to get to them before they've gone.

When you get there, just kill all of the guards who are outside. Watch out for the cops as well because they will just be around the corner. Once you've killed all the guards, an explosion will occur.

Two more guards will appear on bikes, and try to make their escape. Go after them, and make sure they are both killed. They will be heading for the Light House.