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After the clip, get into a car, and wait for Lance to get in as well. When
he does, drive out towards the 'North Point Mall'.

You will need the cops to follow you up towards your luck-up, so on
your way, create some incidents which will cause the police to be after
you. Running over some people or shooting at cars will be fine, but the best way would be to just find a cop and kill him. This will give you two wanted stars, and make more police chase you.

Make sure you are being followed, and head for your lock-up. Drive in, and make at least two policemen follow you. The doors will shut and you'll take their uniforms. Once you've changed, go around the side of the lock-up, and get into the parked cop car. Drive up to the 'North Point Mall' and go inside.

When inside, go and find the 'Tarbrush' cafe, go in and set the bomb. You'll have five seconds to get out of the way, so head outside of the mall as fast as you can.

Make your way back to your mansion, ensuring you take Lance with you. You'll have a lot of police after you, so you might want to locate a couple of police bribes first, and then head back.