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After you've found out about Lance, and Sonny has appeared, you'll have
a handful coming at you.

Firstly, you'll have the Mafia coming after your money, which is in the safe
in your office. Stop them from doing so, by standing guard, and killing
anyone you see. The more Mafia guys you kill, there less there are to steal your money.

If you're inside your office, make your way to the top of the main stairs and continue to shoot any Mafia guys. Lance will soon appear, have a go at you, and take shots at you. Fire back at him, and chase after him. He'll make is way to the roof of the building. Follow and shoot him.

You'll be told of the Mafia stealing your money as you chase Lance, but ignore them. If you need it, some health and armour is located down the bottom of the windy stairs area.

When he gets to the roof, he'll have some protection. If you have them, chuck a grenade in their direction as soon as you enter the roof area. If Lance doesn't die from the blast, use your gun to finish him off. If you don't have a grenade, use your most powerful weapon.

Head back inside to protect your money. Sonny will then attempt to kill you himself. He'll be in the main hall downstairs. Kill him before he kills you.