Cannon Fodder Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Umberto RobinaUmberto Robina,
Cafe Robina Proprietor,
Little Havana, Vice City

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After the clip, park your car in the pink marker to pick up the Cubans.
Make sure you have a big enough car to fit everyone in. One of the fast
two-seaters or a motorbike won't be any good.

Take the Cubans to the fight, and drop them off. Then, get involved by
helping out. Kill the gang members behind the car, who are blocking the gate.

When you get passed the gunmen, you'll need to take out the sniper on the roof. Once he's gone, run through the gates and straight ahead. Watch out for more gang members hiding in the wings. Kill them too. Make sure you don't kill to many of the Cubans, otherwise you'll fail the mission.

Get to the van, and drive out of the gang's location. Watch out for the police, who'll be chasing you. Get the van back to the cafe as quickly as you can, while trying to make sure it doesn't get damaged too much and explode.

When you get back to the cafe, park the van in the pink marker.