Naval Engagement

Property Missions

Photo of Umberto RobinaUmberto Robina,
Cafe Robina Proprietor,
Little Havana, Vice City

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After the clip, make your way to 'Rico', who'll be waiting for you down
by the docks, just up from the cargo ship. He'll take you to where you
need to go in his boat.

When you get to the house, you'll have to take out the gang members on
the two boats and the platform. Be quick about it, because Rico's boat isn't going to last long. Your best option would be to just aim for the boats using one of your more powerful weapons, blowing them up, and taking the gang members with them.

Rico will then set you down, and you'll have to go in search of the two briefcases which Umberto wants bought to him. One will be on the platform you've just shot the gang members on, by the water. The other will be up by the house, on the back porch.

Make sure you watch out for the gang members who'll be guarding the house, as they will have powerful weapons, which can kill you pretty quickly if your not careful.

Once you have the two briefcases, head back to Umberto at the cafe, and drop them off to him. Watch out for the cops on the way, as they will be coming at you hard. If you've got Diaz's mansion by now, you might find it best to go and use the helicopter on the roof to get back to Umberto.