Trojan Voodoo Mission

Property Missions

Photo of Umberto RobinaUmberto Robina,
Cafe Robina Proprietor,
Little Havana, Vice City

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After the clip, get into a car, and head north to Little Haiti. Don't forget
to take 'Pepe' with you. When you get there, look for a Voodoo car, and
steal it. Little Haiti is the area Auntie Poulet lives in.

When you get a Voodoo car, take Pepe and go and meet Reco, who's
waiting for you with the other Cuban gang members. Park in the pink marker.

Follow the other cars, and park in the pink marker outside the drugs factory. Don't get out of the car, just wait, and drive in through the gates when you can. Go to the end, park in the pink marker and get out.

You need to place three bombs within the factory. The three places you need to put them in are highlighted on the map. Simply walk into each mini-pink marker to place a bomb. There are two areas on the ground floor, and one up stairs.

Once you've placed all three bombs, head for the front gates to escape. The gates will be closed, so when you get close, turn right and head for the all, turn right again, and you'll find some steps. Go up this, onto the roof and escape.