Business Property
in Vice City

Pole Position
The Malibu Club
Film Studio
Kaufman Cabs
Print Works
Cherry Poppers
Sunshine Autos
Boat Yard

Business Properties.
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Business properties are different from other properties in Vice City, in
that you are able to make a profit from them, earning yourself some extra
money on the side.

You can start purchasing business properties once you've completed the Shakedown mission.

To make a purchase on a particular property, walk into the spinning house icon,
and press the required button. If you don't have enough money, you won't be
sold the property.

Each business property will require you to complete one or more mission(s) before any profit is made from the building. Once all the required tasks are completed, a '$' symbol will be spinning somewhere close to the property, which will hold your current profits. These profits will grow until the set limit for that particular place is hit. To collect your profits, simply walk into the spinning '$' symbol, shown below.

Picture of the Spinning House in Vice City Picture of the Spinning Dollar in Vice City

When you collect your money from each place, the balance will be set back to zero, and you will earn more money from it, until you next collect it. When a business reaches it's limit, it just means you won't make any more profit until you collect what you have waiting for you.