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Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory
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The Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory is available to you for $20,000.

There is only one task you need to complete for the factory before you are
able to earn a profit on the property.

You have to distribute your product to Vice City, through the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream van. Once you get into the van, you have to go looking for customers to sell your product to. When you find some potential customers, pull up and park beside them and start playing your music. They should come up to you and make a purchase.

Keep an eye out for the police, because if you start to sell to many to quickly in the same are, they will become suspicious and arrest you. Also, watch out for security on Starfish Island, as they will star shooting at you as soon as they see you. Also note that local gangs may have a problem with you selling in their area.

You will need to make 50 sales in order to complete the mission. Once you have had 50 or more customers, just get out of the van to complete the mission.

Once you've completed the mission for the Ice Cream Factory, you'll be able to earn up to $4000 each day. To collect it, simply walk into the spinning dollar sign outside the Ice Cream Factory.